If you know nothing about Orienteering and would like to know more, this is the section for you. Even if you've been to an Orienteering event before there may still be information here that you'll find useful.

If you are looking for your first event then please go to the Fixtures page. Almost all the events listed there will have courses suitable for you and there will be club members on hand to help you.

If you've used this page to get started and feel we've missed anything out, or could add something else, please let us know.

Finally, please do contact our Club Development Officer at development@sroc.org if you would like any advice or help about which event to go to or anything else at all

Otherwise, good luck and happy orienteering . . .

Try this short video clip made by Alex, age 11.

Frequently Asked Questions Know nothing about orienteering ? Start here and work through the other links.
Event Types An explanation of the different types of orienteering events.
Permanent Courses Details of the active Permanent Courses in the North West.
My First Event Never been to an event before ? A step by step guide as to what to do.
Orienteering Maps What's the difference between O-maps and other maps ? Let us explain . . .
Control Descriptions A guide to both written and pictorial descriptions. How can they help ?
Bibliography The best orienteering books and publications available.
Join the Club Details of membership benefits and how to join SROC

Last Updated : 26.01.20