Permanent Orienteering Courses


What is a Permanent Orienteering Course ( POC ) ? How do I get hold of the map ?
What is the purpose of a POC ? Where are the POCs local to SROC ?
How can I find out if there is a POC near my home ? What is MOBO ?

What is a Permanent Orienteering Course ( POC ) ?

It is a number of permanent control points (usually about 20) identified by sturdy wooden posts with a code and an orienteering logo carved or painted on it. All the controls are shown on an overprinted map. They are usually situated in local parks or forests owned by councils, the National Trust or Forestry England. Management of the courses may be by the owner of the land, or by the local orienteering club.


What is the purpose of a POC ?

The courses have many purposes, depending on your own specific needs. The great thing about them is that you can go at a time to suit you, on whatever day of the week you choose. If you are an experienced orienteer you may use them to fine tune some techniques, maybe pace counting, relocation or line orienteering. They are also an ideal way of introducing children and adults alike to the sport, where you can go at your own pace and spend as much time as you like figuring out the map. If you want to go in a pair or as a group, again, this is the perfect opportunity. You may have just started orienteering and are wanting to gain confidence in your skills outside of the pressures of an organized competition. So whether you're using them for training purposes or just for a more adventurous family stroll, the choice is entirely yours.


How can I find out if there is a POC near my home ?

There are Permanent Courses (POC's) all over the country, with new ones being launched every month. The North West has around 40 courses. Unfortunately, less used courses can fall into disrepair, so the more people that make use of this excellent facility the better. The British Orienteering Federation publish a list of all known Permanent Orienteering Courses in the UK, details of which can be found on this web page.


How do I get hold of the map ?

Generally, the map packs can be bought from Visitor or Information Centres, cafés or shops near to the start of the courses. Included in the map pack there will usually be an instruction sheet, an overprinted map, control descriptions and suggested courses varying in levels of difficulty. There is usually a small charge for the map packs. If an area does not have a suitable outlet for selling the map packs they can usually be bought through local Leisure Centres, Libraries or Council offices. Some maps are available to download from the British Orienteering website, or via the MOBO app.

Where are the POCs local to SROC ?

We only list a few of the most local courses, likely to be of interest to SROC members.

Area Nearest Town / Village Post code Where To Buy The Map
Beacon Fell Country Park Longridge, Nr. Preston PR3 2NL Visitor Centre / Café
Halton Village Halton, Nr Lancaster LA2 6NB The Centre@Halton coffee shop also available on http://mobo.osport.ee/
Lever Park Rivington, Nr. Bolton BL6 7SB Great House Barn Information Centre
Tockholes Blackburn BB3 0PB Roddlesworth Information Centre
Sizergh Kendal LA8 8DZ Café by the main car park for Sizergh Castle
Williamson Park Lancaster LA1 1UX Pavilion Café by the Ashton Memorial also available on http://mobo.osport.ee/
Witton Country Park Blackburn BB2 2TP Main Café (not the pavilion)
Worden Park Leyland PR25 1DJ Café in the centre of the park


What is MOBO ?

MOBO is orienteering with a Smartphone!
MOBO is a modern way to practise orienteering on permanent courses. You may visit controls in free order when you have time alone or with friends by running, walking bicycling or skiing. To use MOBO you need first to install the app on your mobile device (all formats are catered for).

Open the app and choose a course from the list.
Navigate to the control using the on screen map and compass.
Register your visit to the control by taking a photo of the QR code.
All punches are saved to MOBO website, where you can see results and statics.


Last Updated : 20.12.19