The John o' Gaunt Trophy

The 2018-2019 season witnessed the inauguration of a new Street League trophy. The John o' Gaunt trophy is contested at a nominated event in the Lancaster area each season, and will be presented to the winner at the prize giving event at the end of the series. 

The intention of this trophy is to reward participation and effort so the rules are as follows:

1.To be eligible for the Jo'G trophy competitors must have competed in at least three events during the whole season, as well as the nominated event. These events may be any of the other nine events in the main series (so not the finale event).

2. Anyone who has already held the title is automatically excluded in future years.

3. The winner will be the person who achieves the highest score at the nominated event relative to their average performance throughout the rest of the season. The nominated event will not be included in calculating average scores. 

Therefore the competition is open to all standards. To win you need to have an especially good run (for you) at the nominated event. Because each person's score is compared to their season average it won't be obvious who has won until very late in the season,  possibly right up to the last event.

 Previous winners

2018-2019 Dawn Lock
2019-2020 Glenys Ferguson

Chris Roberts

Last Updated : 12.03.20