SROC Compass & Pacing Event - Wednesday 07 July 2004


Short Easy

      Name             Class   Time   

1     Jane Collins SROC W45    38:14:00
2     Matthew Nash SROC M12    41:50:00

Short Hard

      Name             Class  Time     

1     Peter Knott  SROC M65   60:36:00
2     Dick Collins SROC M60   65:57:00
3     Brian Looker SROC M65   68:05:00
4     Philip Gager SROC M55   76:19:00
5     Mike Eccles  PFO  M65   76:58:00
6     Sarah Watkins shadowed by Jon Carberry SROC W21/M45  85:04:00 
7     Dawn Lock    SROC W55   86:32:00
8     Bill Lock    SROC M60   95:40:00
9     Lorna Stewart LOC W21   100:12:00

      Martyn Roome SROC M50    Retired

Long Hard

      Name                    Class     Time         

1     John Sammut   MEROC       M21     58:54:00
2     Keith Jones   WAROC       M40     67:40:00
3     Dave Hewitt   LOC         M40     71:05:00
4     Chris Roberts SROC        M45     85:36:00
      David Roome   SROC        M21     Missed 13 &14
      Becca Roberts SROC        W18     Missed 13
      Karen Nash    SROC        W40     Retired
      David Downes  WCOC        M50     Retired
      David Hargreaves SROC     M50     Retired & helped

Planners Comments

"I chose compass and pacing as the theme for this event, partly because it suited the area but also as I have always thought it a good back-up skill to contact navigation. Some people do it automatically, some not at all, I feel the skill is knowing in advance of a particular leg when it may be required and knowing it's limitations." 
"The long times on the hard course reflect the need for the long climb to a non-bracken invested area to enable the compass and pacing exercise. I hope you felt it worthwhile. Number 13, the ruin on the Long Hard course caused problems for many and on retrospect should have been hung 'higher'. I had wanted to demonstrate the problems of compass & pacing over steeper slopes and had hoped that the ability to make a back bearing to the still visible previous control would compensate for the leg being on the long side. Being nicely positioned to watch proceedings, I saw nobody return to the previous control when they had obviously missed the control, it seemed to me that the position and course of other runners was as much an influence as the compass. "

Quentin Harding

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