Organisers' Development

Use these pages to access important documents that will help you organise events for the club.  

To view on web click title.  Click Download to view in MS Word or PDF.

Event Handbook  (version 1.4)        Download Word doc (688Kb)       Download PDF (426Kb)

Standard SROC Registration form (pdf)

Guide for planners - (PDF) instructions on how to synchronise SI units before an event

Further information for event organisers (under development)

Purple Pen adapted for Street League (optional dot in centre of control circle). You need first to download and install the standard Purple Pen from Then replace PurplePen.exe with the adapted version. This is likely to be in Program Files/Purple Pen, unless you chose a different location during installation. To turn on the dot in the centre of the circle go to  Event>Customise Course Appearance. Choose option "Dot in Centre of Circle" (Should be in middle of dialog box.)

Planners/organisers should note that the Event Handbook is a work in progress. Parts are likely to be revised and updated as requirements change or experience suggests.

Safety Information

Event safety - Advice and Guidance.     Includes:          Download 

  • Factors to consider in determining the extent and nature of safety provision 
  • Groups whose safety needs to be explicitly considered
  • Basic requirements for safety
  • Preventative measures
  • Provision for dealing with casualties
  • Treatment of casualties in the competition area
  • Identifying missing competitors
  • Actions in the case of missing competitors

Safety Forms

Event Safety Checklists                                                   Download

Course Search                                                                Download
Incident Log                                                                    Download
Record of Finishers                                                         Download
Report of a missing or injured competitor                      Download
Unattended vehicles remaining in parking field             Download
Vehicle Key storage and safety check.                           Download

Equipment Request Forms   (Return to Equipment Officer)

Planner Equipment Request                                              Download
Organiser Equipment Request                                           Download


Mapping Schools.  BOF recommendations and advice for mapping Schools.       Download 

Last Updated : 09.01.12