Welcome to the SROC Website page which details a simple history of the website development.

Jul 2007 Revised message board and gallery go live.
Apr 2007 - Webteam established.
2003 - Apr 2007 Dave Kesby develops and maintains site
4th Nov 2002 SROC Junior Website goes live.
1st Nov 2001 Soho Consulting transfer their hosted sites to a new data centre. Re-designed goes live.
1st Feb 2001 goes live. An automatic redirect exists at
22nd Jan 2001 SROC registers with Soho Consulting UK to host the SROC website.
17th Nov 2000 SROC registers the domain name redirects users to
27th Oct 2000 Final 'Under Construction' pages replaced.
22nd Sep 2000 New website goes live at
21st Aug 2000 Production of new website begins.

Last Updated : 27.07.07