South Ribble Orienteering Club Committee Meeting  12.3.07


Present: Peter Knott, Alex Finch, Sarah Watkins, Rowena Browne, Martyn Roome, Steve McLean, Quentin Harding, Karen Nash, Katrin Harding


  1. Apologies Dick Collins and Dave Hargreaves
  2. Matters Arising:
  • QH our service provider won’t manage the hoped for email system yet. Leave it for DK successor to do.
  • Not sure if we have any volunteers yet? Action KN ask DK
  • Job Specs- some done Action others please to do and send to KN
  • Newsletter- Action KN Ta from committee to all who helped at Whitbarrow and KH to persuade lots of Juniors to write bits from various events so there is plenty for them to read.
  • Trimtex- agreed we should hold a stock of these Action MR and Sue to do it
  • Link to Action KN to ask DK/CR if it can be done
  • Banner ordered Action KH put picture of it in newsletter
  • NW web update – OK now R Tiley has taken it on
  • Handbook – Draft making good progress -3 sections. Section 1 info local to area / event- names, phone etc Section 2 check list of actions for Planner and organizers and Controllers with time scales. Idea for this to be on spreadsheet so relevant bits can be printed and ordered by date etc Section 3 is for reference to help with the actions and contacts of who might be able to give advice. Would be lent out or emailed as needed. Passed round for discussion – pricing of events, half price for helpers. MR suggested possible workshop for planners and organizers in spring could try to use it. Action QH to continue and QH/DH collect info on past events into files for section 1.


  1. Club Objectives. Progressing slowly eg banner. We need to increase the number of organizers and planners and give novice ones mentors Action RB allocate possible mentors when she ‘persuades’ an organizer or planner.


  1. Juniors
  • Tockholes training used permanent course, new recruit William enjoyed it.
  • Score O in Stanley Park- concern that everyone got all the controls so although it was safe it was too small an area. Part of problem that almost all were good orienteers from club (not schools and public) so it did not really challenge them. Date change meant that publicity efforts were wasted and no novices arrived.
  • Hoodies – several requests, could be for adults too. MR grant for junior development could be possible. SW suggested ‘real’ night O head torches to loan out.
  • KH juniors would like a night away- social, perhaps we could combine it with the picnic? Or have coaching in day and parents do the night bit. Suggestions of Downham barn etc.
  • Bob Nash will do colour and Badge awards pro-actively from now. Letter to child when achieved. Certificates only presented at handicap, picnic etc so encouraged to come to events.
  • O Zones – Preston Park Rangers been on L1 course and L2 coming up. They are keen to do it with Community Sports coaches and a family festival on Moor park 28 April. We sould have a presence with banner etc. Steve asked about Bob overseeing? They are also keen to set up POCs. Secondary schools could run also perhaps 30 mins later. Action Steve to liaise. Lancaster – SMc to organize publicity, liaise with schools and QH to actually do the events.


  1. Mapping.
  • Malcolm C updated Knotts Wood,although some may be felled
  • Stillwaiting for pg plot on Farleton
  • Nothing yet on list of very local areas
  • Possible new are n of Dunsop Bridge Action JC to look and confirm with AF
  • Longridge Fell Action KN/MR ask Mike O re progress. Also if Stoneyhurst is worth it.
  • Ribby Hall Action PK try again/ liaise with AF
  • Need to check FC plans for Barrowfield and Broughton Forest and find out how good they still are/ tree damage Action DH and AF to ask Jim L


  1. Treasurer – nothing pressing in his absence.
  2. Secretary- Need info re POCs for BOF Action SMc to check on Worden Park – latest map, corrections and point of sale of maps, let KN know
  3. Club Captain-
  • meal this Fri – 32 booked
  • JK relays 11 teams Action SW to email this info out to runners
  • CSC – very small team disappointing Action SW email out info, also so can share transport
  • BOC – not yet
  • Tent – needed for JK and BOC Action SW to organize this, not her to take necessarily


  1. Lancaster District Project
  • Grant application done – publicity, Si, maps, asked for 80% cost #8500 should hear in 6-8 weeks


  1. Fixtures see sheet
  • Whitbarrow was great- lots on Nopesport – more positive comments after than before, concern over rather short courses and fast winning times, and # parking or buses.
  • S Ground all in hand.
  • Summer MR coordinate, all in place Y,O tech and on B Fell on the Sun more courses
  • Autumn – schools could use the sat series if LSOA stops Action RB find coordinator, planner, organizer- could be one person and no controller likely to be Y,O,tech.
  • Helsington – no organizer yet
  • TWT – fixtures sub committee had met- largely go along with ‘TWT team’ proposals of Spring 2008 and 18 monthly. Simplify perhaps 3 courses with different start times for ages classes. Whitbarrow likely to be first. Try encourage other planners and organizers to get involved, perhaps along side one of existing team first. No response yet but they have been busy with National event. Action MR email P Gwillam re TWT and Long O Champs
  • QH suggested we use Whitbarrow more now we have the map eg CSC in 2009, we would need to check what embargo times are needed if any.
  • SMc – sprint O Champs we may need to wait until 2010


  1. Publicity and NW
  • 2011- NWOA due to do BOC but asked for delay til 2012 so later after L5Day – no reply yet
  • NW web – R Tiley
  • CDM agenda – Y Games – especially try to get O for Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Also City Centre O – do clubs want to get involved and how. We agreed to concept but see how it fits our fixture list.
  • NWOA – will give # to kids travel to YBaker – ask in advance. QH asked if affiliated schools could apply.
  • EGM pre CDM to alter constitution
  • Publicity for Stanley Park did not work, due to change of date?
  • S Ground – flier produced and ready to go out – not aimed at novices
  • Summer series – flier started – for novices, will need help putting them out later.
  • Beacon Fell noticeboard – big permanent one outside which has a bit about O on it and then space on a board inside where we can update names etc.


Later that week – report from Glenys re Street O season – forwarded to all committee for information.


Next Meeting 21 May at the Roomes.