Lancaster Urban weekend


Lancaster University Sprint* & City of Lancaster Urban


Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018 

*incorporating the NW Sprint Champs

both events also form part of the 2018 North West Urban League

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You are cordially invited to enter the SROC Lancaster weekend of urban orienteering racing to be held on 22nd and 23rd September. The Saturday event will be a two-part sprint using the Lancaster University campus, as used in the JK sprint of 2015. Sunday will see the first use of a brand new map of Lancaster city centre, with a chance to run close to many of the heritage features of this historic city. Please come back to this page which will be updated as more information becomes available.

Results: please follow this link to the SROC results page.

Final Details:

Follow these links for PDFs of the Final Details for Day 1 and Day 2.


On-line entries preferred, via SiEntries. Entries open on 1st May 2018. Follow this link. Note: on-line entries will close at noon on Friday 21st September. Entry on the day will be available, subject to remaining maps.

Championship Classes:

You may enter any course of your choosing in the Sunday event however the mapping of age classes to courses is as shown in the table below, and this matches most other similar events. In order to be competitive in your class at the Saturday event (NW Sprint Champs) you must be sure to enter the correct course as shown below.

NW Sprint Champions (only members of NW clubs eligible) will be declared by normal BOF age class, not the urban combined classes. There will be two separate sprint races with the total time taken being used to determine final positions.

Entry Fees (per day):

- Up to Sat 15th Sep Senior £10:00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior/Student £3:00
- After Sat 15th Sep    Senior £12:00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior/Student £4:00
On-line entries will remain open up to noon on the Friday before the event, as long as maps are available.
- EoD                       Senior £12:00, £2:00 discount for BOF members, Junior £4:00

-EoD fees for unattached novices (not members of an orienteering club) will be Senior 5:00, Junior 3:00. SI card hire free.

SI card hire will be available. You may choose either SIAC (at £2 per day) or SI-Card 5 (at £1 per day).


Day 1 parking will be in the main Alexandra Park car park at the South end of the Lancaster University campus. Day 2 parking will be on the campus of the University of Cumbria in Lancaster. Full details and directions in the Final Details.

Course details:

Course Class Age Classes

Open Men

M18 M20 M21 M35

Open Women, Veteran Men (40+)

W18 W20 W21 W35 M40 M45 M50

Veteran Women (40+), Superveteran Men (55+)

W40 W45 W50 M55 M60

Superveteran Women (55+), Ultraveteran Men (65+)

W55 W60 M65 M70

Ultraveteran Women (65+), Hyperveteran Men (75+), Hyperveteran Women (75+)

W65 W70 M75+ W75+
6 Junior Men (16-), Junior Women (16-), Adult Novice M14 M16 W14 W16
7 Young Junior Men (12-), Young Junior Women (12-), Junior Novice M10 M12 W10 W12

Please note that the SI units (excluding the Start but including the Finish) will be programmed in SIAC beacon mode.

Start times on Day 1 will be 11.00-13.00 event A and 12.00-14.00 event B. All runners run their event A course first, followed by (at their choice of interval), their event B course. There are no pre-allocated start times.

Start times on Day 2 will be 10.30-12.30 (11.30-13.30 Junior courses). No pre-allocated start times, just early, middle or late blocks.

More details including course lengths in the Final Details.



The University campus is fairly flat with complex buildings, walkways and cut-throughs. The City includes complex old streets, newer build areas and public spaces and parks, with a few hills thrown in.


Lancaster University 1:4,000 updated 2018. Lancaster City 1:5,000, new 2017, updated 2018.


Enquiries: General enquiries to

Day 1

Organiser: Julian Lailey (SROC)

Planner: Chris Roberts (SROC)

Controller: David Rosen (SROC)


Day 2

Organiser: Mark Edwards (SROC)

Planner: Jane Anthony (SROC)
Controller: Graham Nilsen (DEE)




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