January 2007

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 28.01.07 More Captions 
How about "Ok, we've found the kite, but where the heck is the feature??", or "'This mini league is getting ridiculous!".  Not sure what picture these captions are referring to?  Have a look now...

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 28.01.07 Ashton Street League Results 
A good turn out at last weeks Street League and some mean scoring meant for some interesting results - check them out. 

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 25.01.07 Chorley Results - update 
Chorley Street League results have been updated - see if you can see who's improved their position and who's lost out!

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 25.01.07 Captions 
The first captions are coming in for the Caption Competition (see below).  Check out the image to see what's been suggested and to find out how to submit your own! 

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 21.01.07 Club League and Gallopen 
Final results for both the SROC Club Gallopen and League have now been published.  Check them out in the 2006 Results area. 

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 21.01.07 Writings of a winner 
Read Matthew Nash's write-up of the day he won the SROC Handicap

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 21.01.07 Caption Competition 
Check out some pictures of the recent SROC Handicap and try your hand at inventing a caption for the last of the pictures.  No prizes, just a bit of fun! 

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 14.01.07 Lancashire Youth Games 
This isn't until June 30th, but Steve McLean is looking for helpers to put their names forward as soon as possible.  This event is increasingly popular and this will be the 3rd time Orienteering has joined the events.  This year it will be held at Stanley Park in Blackpool. 

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 14.01.07 LSOA Score Event - Postponed 
Due to unexpected work being carried out in Stanley Park at the end of this month, this event will be postponed from the 28th January until the 4th March.

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 06.01.07 Handicap and Social 
Don't forget that Saturday 13th January is the date for the 2007 Handicap event.  This year it will be at Knotts Wood with a mass start at 2pm.  Afterwards its to the social club in Caton for annual prize giving, quizzes and a jacobs join. Check out the fixtures for more details. 

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 06.01.07 New Year Hacker, not Cracker! 
Apologies to anyone who visited this site today and found it replaced by some ridiculous message and simply awful music from somewhere in the Middle East. It's taken a little while to find the cause of the problem.  It seems that someone was managed to hack into our host server and replace certain files.  As a precaution therefore, I have deleted the Message Board, since this is the most likely route that was used to get in.  The Message Board needs updating and will relaunch as soon as a secure method is created for managing this part of the site.  Please be patient whilst this happens. In future the Message Board will be for authenticated members only which will deal with the spam that has dominated it recently and also minimise the risk from hackers.    

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 02.01.07 Latest Street League Results 
As the League enters 2007, have a look at the latest results and who's leading whom. 

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 02.01.07 New Year Cracker - Results 
New Year started with a Crack for SROC.  Check out the results from this increasingly popular event.