August 2007

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 14.08.07   Calling all SROC members!

The SROC forums have now been live for several weeks, and there are some interesting topics emerging. Have a look now, and add your comments on a proposed club trip to BOC 2008 or say what you thought about Spey 2007. There is a special forum for junior members, and private committee and event organiser forums*. These become more useful as more members join and start to post topics and replies, so don't be shy - we want to read your comments!

*To join a private forum, first register on the message board, then email the webteam with a request to join whichever forum you are interested in.

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 12.08.07   6 days photos added to gallery

Just a few photos to whet your appetite. If any member would like to add their pictures to the gallery, just email them to the webteam. Suggest your own captions if you don't want the webteam to think them up!


SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 12.08.07   Scottish 6 days success

A large percentage of SROC's membership travelled to Scotland and enjoyed some excellent orienteering at Spey 2007 which concluded yesterday. Overall top 10 places were earned by: Daniel Selby (6th M10A, 3rd day 1), Chris Nash (5th M12A, 3rd days 2&6, 2nd day 4), Matt Nash (3rd M14A, 3rd days 3&4, 1st day 6), Quentin Harding (3rd M45L, 2nd day 3), Julian Lailey (10th M60L), Dick Collins (3rd M60S, 3rd day 1, 2nd day 2), Maurice Collett (3rd M80, 3rd days 1,2,3&6, 2nd days 4&5), Helen Ockenden (2nd W10A, 3rd day 2, 2nd days3,4&6, 1st days 1&5), Sophie Roberts (3rd W10A, 2nd day5, 1st day 2), Annie Ockenden (5th W10B), Katrin Harding (5th W14A), Rebecca Quickfall (9th W16B),  Cath Wilson (2nd W21L, 3rd day 6, 1st days 1&5), Karen Nash (7th W45L) and Sue Harding (9th W45L). Congratulations to all of them, and especially to Maurice and Helen who both placed in the top three on all six days. Full results are on the Spey 2007 website. Why not discuss the 6 days on the SROC message board?

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 03.08.07   Oringen photos added to gallery

SROC was represented at the worlds largest O event last week, the 13000 competitor Swedish Oringen. See if you can spot a selection of Nashes and Roomes in the photos, along with some other famous faces too.

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