December 2006

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 18.12.06 Whitbarrow - details for 11th March  
Details for the Whitbarrow National Event on the 11th March 2007 are now available to view.  Keep checking the details out as we get closer to the date so that you can get the latest information.  Use the picture on the right to link.   

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 18.12.06 Committee Meeting - Minutes  
Here's a new regular item.  So people can keep up to speed with club developments and future events and activities, the SROC Committee will be posting their meeting minutes on this website.  Here are the first committee minutes.  

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 10.12.06 Street League - League placing to date  
As we approach the half-way mark for this season's Street League, check out the latest placings to see who the hot favourites are - and don't think it's the same old people either!

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 10.12.06 Eaves Wood - Results  
Saturday evening's Night League event results have now been posted.  

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 04.12.06 Gym Cancelled this week  
The Broughton Gym Night scheduled for this Wednesday 5th December has had to be cancelled due to examinations taking place in the sports hall.   

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 04.12.06 Run at Lancaster this Wednesday 5th  
In replacement of the Gym night, a run has been arranged from Salt Ayre Sports Centre car park, SD 462 624. at 19.00.  Contact Chris Roberts for more information

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SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 02.12.06 Penwortham results  
The latest Street League results from Penwortham have now been published.  Also check out the details of the next event at Whalley.

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 02.12.06 Change of Street Events  
There has been a minor change to the event list for this season's Street League.  Event 7 and Event 9 have been swapped around.  Please check out the Fixtures to update your diaries. 

SROCkite.gif (2521 bytes) 02.12.06 Revised Kirkham results  
The Kirkham Street League results have been slightly revised.  you can check them out here

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