Peter Palmer Relays - Sutton Park, Birmingham.

11/12th September 2004

The Peter Palmer relays take place at Sutton Park on the 11/12 September.

For those of you that don't know about the relays - they're the junior equivalent of the Harvester - a multi-leg relay that starts before dawn and finishes mid-morning. You stay overnight in a school.

Teams are 6 people, at least 2 girls and 2 boys. There's the following legs, the first leg is in the dark, the others should be dawn and day legs:

Leg 1)    5 - 5.3 km    red
Leg 2)    5 - 5.3 km    red
Leg 3)    2.5 km         yellow
Leg 4)    3 - 3.5 km    orange
Leg 5)    3 - 3.5 km    light green
Leg 6)    5 km           green

In a new rule, we can run up to three people on the yellow leg with the first one back to count.

The closing date is July 19th.  I need to know if you're definitely interested (and which leg you'd like to run) as soon as possible. We'll organise transport. I expect the club will subsidise entries and transport costs but I can't give you any idea of actual price yet. I'll probably need to get a deposit off you when I put the entries in.

Any parents that would like to offer their services as helpers would also be extremely welcome as we'll definitely need some assistance. 

Sarah Watkins

Last Updated : 11.07.04