SROC members colour and badge standards


Queries to Bob Nash (tel.  01772 721573)


You will notice that we have added information to show who in the club has

a)      achieved the colour standard at an event (all members are shown)


b) for those up to M/W 20 who have gained standards for the National Badge scheme.


It is proposed that for those up to M/W 20 in both categories who have gained the appropriate number of awards (this is 3 at the same level over a two year period for both award schemes more information is on the BOF site) the club will claim the award and present the badge and a certificate at either the Club picnic or the Handicap. The club will pay the fee for this. If you are over 20 and want an award then you are very welcome but you will have to pay for the badge (a certificate is free!!)


Bob Nash

Last Updated : 06.09.07