North West Night League 2006/7 - SROC Fixtures and Results

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Event  Sat 9th December 2006
Eaves Wood, Silverdale

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Organiser/planner's comments

I must of course begin by thanking the National Trust and Holgates Caravan Park for granting us permission to use their woodland, and the Guide Association for allowing us to use their field for parking and the start.  Also many thanks to the members of SROC who helped out, especially Peter and Cherith Knott who took the load off me in handling parking and the start, Paul Ferguson who came along just to help collect controls, Sue and Quentin Harding who also brought controls in and of course Alex Finch, for mapping the area in the first place, and for agreeing to control this event.  Also I must mention Sarah, Sophie and Jacob who helped with registration and download, and whose support before and after the event made it possible for me to manage to put it on.

I was very pleased to see so many people on what had promised to be a foul night.  As it was, the weather stayed clear, if a little frosty later.  It was a pleasure to welcome several Bowland Fell Runners, who perhaps had not tried night orienteering before.  Thank you for all the kind comments about the courses, I think the lengths worked out about right, allowing for the slow running forced by areas of undergrowth and limestone pavement. I hope that runners on Green and Blue had time to enjoy the views over Morecambe Bay from control 203 (The Pepperpot).  I apologize if anyone found it difficult to locate the finish SI box, and I hope this didn't spoil the run for you.

You may recall that I suggested that the train could be used to get to the event.  Three of my helpers came by train, and the controller and one competitor arrived on foot, so we did our little bit towards a greener event.

Lost property: one LED torch, found in the parking field.  I think I know who it belongs to, but don't have any contact details.  Can the owner please email me and I will be happy to return it.

Chris Roberts


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