Handicap and Social


The Club Handicap was held at Low Park Wood on Saturday 22nd January.†† We had a handicapped Norwegian event with the handicapping taking the form of starting runners at different controls on the course.†† Quentin Harding had done all of the hard work putting the controls out and I had utilised our time-honoured handicapping system to decide who started where.†† Actually, everyone started from the Start, but set off to a variety of first controls.†† I reckoned on a winning time of just over 30 minutes so we relaxed for a bit in the expectation of not seeing anyone for a while.†† After about 15 minutes Dave Hargreaves appeared,heading in a direction in which nobody should have been heading.We had a little panic.Was one of the mini-maps on the wrong control?†† It turned out that Dave had gone to the wrong first control.†† This was actually the second control on the course when he should have started on number six.†† This meant that after four controls he was back to where he should have started.He didnít seem too upset afterwards.


Mike Eccles duly came home first to claim the silverware with Mike Ormerod second and Becca Roberts third.†† As Handicapper, I was rather pleased that places 3 to 15 were covered by just 75 seconds with some competitive sprints into the finish from some people.†† Everyone arrived back eventually but Dave Kesby had run into a try branch and had injured his eye.†† Mary Wheeler and Mike Ormerod took him to hospital and he had to return there again later that night.†† We hope that he is recovering well.


Unfortunately, I had been unwell all day and was unable to go to the social.Many thanks to Martyn Roome for taking over the announcerís job at the presentation of prizes.†† Cluib League and Galoppen winners received their trophies and two days later at the Club Committee meeting I was presented with the National and Provincial trophy.


Many thanks to Quentin and also to the other helpers at the handicap and social.†† The full results list was as follows:


1 Mike Eccles†† 34-16†† 2Mike Ormerod39-18†† 3†† Becca Roberts†† 41-054David Downes41-29†† 5†† Sue Roome41-29†† 6†† Rowena Browne41-29†† 7Helen and Annie Ockenden41-36†† 8G Smith††† 41-38†† 9Paul Ferguson41-39†† 10Chris Roberts†† 41-40†† 11†† Brian Jackson†† 41-50†† 12 Martyn Roome†† 41-52†† 13 Julian Lailey42-05†† 14Jacob Roberts42-15†† 15Sophie Roberts42-20†† 16 Miriam Rosen†† 43-14†† 17Katrin Harding44-45†† 18Zoe Harding†† 44-4619 Andrew Oliver44-5820 Kris Moeckell45-04†† 21Alex Finch†† 46-52†† 22†† Heather and Dave Ward†† 47-04†† 23Glenys Ferguson47-32†† 24Flora Hetherington48-03†† 25Jenny and Hannah Tynan48-03†† 26†† Maurice Collett†† 51-32†† 27†† Paul Tynan†† 51-33††† 28†† David Rosen51-56 ††29Ann Gager†† 59-42†† 30††† Mary Wheeler†† 61-51†† 31††† Philip and Alice Gager†† 61-53†† 32†† Barrie Bertram†† 67-39††† 33†† Sandy Hetherington†† 76-27†† 34†† Hetherington family†† 79-58††† plus Dave Kesby, Dave Hargreavesand John Ockenden-all retired.



Dick Collins