SROC New Year Cracker 2005

Sunday 2nd January

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Thanks to you all for coming, planning and organising this event is a doddle, especially with the willing help on the day.
Lords Lot is not an easy place to plan a score event, being too long and thin to give too many options, however David made the best of it and kept you away from the worst bits of brambles (honest).
There were lots of people trying the sport for the first time - in many ways score events (controls in any order) are more difficult for beginners - normal Colour Coded events have graded courses, where you can start on easier and shorter courses to gain experience. It was good to see that many of you opted to take it carefully and not try and race round this time - you will improve far more quickly this way than running like headless chickens! There are plenty of events to go to in the north west, for help and advice contact Sarah Fulwood on or myself 

There were some notable class winners who walked away with prizes this year - Janet Nash gained top place as 1st W50 and over for the THIRD time in 4 Crackers. Katrin Harding of SROC had a storming run to win the W14 prize, and she is only W12! And in M14 and under category, if Max Waplington will contact me I have a very delicious prize awaiting him - as an independent he needs to join a club soon - obviously this boy is a star of the future!

Watch out for the 5th Cracker next year - the event with the best prize list excluding (or maybe including) the JK and British!

Martyn, Sue and David Roome

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