SROC     Street League Results         Wednesday                         23rd Feb  2005


Event   9                                                           Morecambe



75  Mins        Long        

                                              Score          Time          Pen          Net          /hr


1        Ali          Welsh          M44          SROC          1040          75.40          14          1026          821

2        John          Britton          M54          MDOC          940          77.11          44          896          717

3        David          Hargreaves      M54          SROC          850          75.04          2          848          678

4        John          Ashton          M55          SROC          820          73.04               820          656

5        Chris          Rostron          M58          MDOC          790          78.23          68          722                  578

6        Richard          Catlow          M55          PFO          710          79.13          85          625                  500

7        Janet          Vials          W44          SROC          580          73.40               580          464

8        Edward          Mellor          M36          SELOC          580          68.20               440          352



60  Mins        Standard

1        Chris          Roberts          M47          SROC          770          60.39          13          757

2        Karen          Nash          W43          SROC          690          59:30                690

3        Moz          Kitching           M45          SROC          680          60.01               680

4        David          Whitaker          M52          SROC          640          60.20          7          633

5        Rowena          Browne          W42          SROC          630          61:10          24          606

6        Mike          Ormerod          M62          SROC          550          60.30          10          540

7        Brian          Looker          M66          SROC          520          57.11               520

8        Catherine          Kitching          W32          SROC

          &   Liz          Peak          W32          NFAC          480          59.35               480

9        Bill          Lock          M63          SROC          500          61.42          34          466

10      Ian          Evans          M64          SROC          390          57.40               390

11      Peter          Knott          M67          SROC           370          56.50               370

12      Dawn          Lock          W60          SROC          380          63.25          69          311

13      Mary          Wheeler          W54          SROC          330          62.30          50          280



30 - 60 Mins         Short / Novices / Visitors        ( Scores adjusted to 60 minutes equivalent )


Novices on   30 – 60   need not declare a target time,  but are penalized if over 60mins

                                              Cat/Tgt          Score          Time          Pen          Net          /hr

1        Sarah           Fulwood          W26          SROC          N          500          47.48               500          628

2        Richard           Davies          M47          WRR          N          610          58.24               610          627

3        Martyn          Roome          M52          SROC          52          490          49.49               490          565

          &   Sue          Roome          W52          SROC

3        Frances          Watkins          W47          SROC          30          290          32.09          43          247          494

4          Christopher   Nash          M9          SROC          N          450          55.20               450          487

          &   Matthew  Nash          M11          SROC

5        Liam          Greenwood      M9          SROC          N          390          52:06                390          458

          &   Linda          Greenwood      W38          SROC

6        Leonie          Greenwood      W14          SROC          N          340          50.50               340          401

          &   Brian          Greenwood      M46          SROC

7        David          Ellis          M59          PFO          45          350          62.44               0          0


Planner’s & Organiser’s Comments


The second run on this map seemed to be appreciated. From a planning perspective the main interest is the problem posed by the railway line – especially the level crossing. From the previous start in the centre of the map the level crossing only comes into play for the runners on the 75minute course. We aimed to minimise the potential loss of time by giving competitors the rail timetable – which worked well but Mike Ormerod claims to have lost 4 minutes!


We selected a new venue which seemed to be successful from a social, refeshements and smoke-free perspective. However there is always a downside - limited local eateries and the hire fee of £30 which  together with the refreshments and maps meant a small loss for this event with a total income of only £35.

Comments on the new SROC web forum suggest at least one participant liked this format – what do the rest of you think? On a more general note we have been particpating in street events since the very early 1980s and the entry fee has remained at £1 despite our move from public car parks, towards inside venues and the use of more ‘professional’ maps. Comments on what you prefer as always to the Street Supremo – Ian Evans.

Congrats to street ‘novice’ Sarah Fulwood on both coming to grips with the borrowed light and deposing the usual victorious Roomes in the 30-60 class. If she turns up more frequently next season, having relocated yet again to the heart of  SROCland she would be bookmaker’s favourite for the most promising newcomer.


Further down this class we had the tension of who would turn out on top in the battle of the Greenwood pairings. This time a slight advantage to the ‘youngsters’ Liam and Linda.  Becca Roberts reckons her dad Chris can’t run fast enough these days but he turned up the speed to gain a clear victory over Karen Nash. In the 75minutes class, Ali showed everyone a clean pair of heels getting 17 out of the 20 possible 40 & 50 pointers – continuing his record of always doing well at Ferguson events. Not doing so well was Ed Mellor who misread the map and decided to go straight over an uncrossable field. He started well enough until he mistook an ice covered ditch for a path and disappeared up to his armpits in rather cold water.


Thanks to Paul Turner who turned up to help despite being unable to compete on the night because of his exploits at the British Night Championships the previous Saturday.

                                                                                  Glenys and Paul


Congratulations to Ali for his third win, and to Chris Roberts, Moz Kitching and John Ashton for achieving their best performances of the season.  Karen, Glenys and Team Roome now have unassailable leads,  but each of the mens age groups could go to the wire, requiring another  top performance to clinch the titles.


Can I repeat the request for feedback on all aspects of the Street Events and scoring system.  I certainly found this venue superb, and was surprised how much more circulation went on than at a pub après-event.   Did anyone move on to the pub ?   Several coffees and a couple of biscuits, before the locusts cleared up, must

have been better for my diet than beer and Peter’s crisps and significantly cheaper – so I felt guilty.


Paul Turner has done some homework on weatherproof paper which I will circulate for comments.  How did he know Edward was interested in scuba street O ?


Final  Event


Event  10          Clitheroe                                         Weds    9th    March

With refreshments and the League Prizegiving


Venue:              Hicks Sporting Club,  across the ground from Clitheroe Cricket Club    GR   748  426


Travel directions see the Morecambe results or SROC website


Pie ‘n Peas or Veggie must be pre-ordered.  If you have signed up at Morecambe, please let

Mike & Mary  know in good time.       


Usual   6.30 to 7.30 starts.            All other info as standard.


Organisers:       Mike  Ormerod  & Mary  Wheeler             01200   429 892