SROC NW Night League

Saturday 24th January

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So at long last the South Ribble night event took place, after abortive attempts at two different venues and on different dates in November. The unfortunate clash with a Lakeland night event may have kept several LOC members away, but it is hard to understand why there were so few of the regular Night League exponents present. A lovely starry night followed a very pleasant afternoon's control hanging, and all seemed to find Low Park Wood a suitable challenge at night. It was unusual for me to be putting out controls which I had programmed earlier, I am usually confined to the computer keyboard, so this was a rare treat. The tree felling gremlins seem to be following us around the country. After losing the proposed Ulpha event to round-the-clock forestry operations, and then finding Dalton Crags had had recent felling going on, I was somewhat perturbed to find foresters hard at work at Low Park. The resulting fallen trees and brashings served to make the area more physical than usual, and in some places it was hard to follow paths which had disappeared under debris. I had attempted to show the extent of new felling on the map, but of course there were further changes right up to the event. I hope that the conditions underfoot did not spoil the occasion for anyone, and things should have returned to normal before the next event on this area. Now some thankyous. Dave Hargreaves for sorting out the permissions at short notice, Becca for helping resurvey and check my proposed control sites, Peter Knott, Paul & Glenys Ferguson for their help on the night, especially Ian Evans for his diligent controlling of my efforts and his help on the night, and all the competitors who made it worthwhile.

Chris Roberts

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