SROC New Year Cracker 2004

Thursday 1st January

Thank you all for coming!  Please see the Results and the Splits.

Alex Finch has done a great job in producing a new map of an area last used nearly 18 years ago. It was a pity that the forestry thinning started 3 weeks or so before the event, but Steve Mclean did a great job in planning around the workings. We thought the area had really improved, due to thinning over the last few years, and look forward to running on it again soon.

We did not really intend the penalties for being late to be quite so draconian. We had used the same system last year but not many people were late, given the small area. This year it was different! And we cannot change the penalties after the event, as this would disadvantage those who took them fully into account in planning and executing their run.
However, from the results you should be able to work out how you would have fared with different penalties. Certainly, our prize winners truly deserve their victories.

Thanks also to our helpers, particularly the Niemis from Finland, for whom this is likely to be their last event before returning to Finland. We will miss you!

See you at the 4th New Year Cracker!

Martyn and Sue Roome

Congratulations to the various prize winners and to Kevin and Quentin 
Harding for completing all 18 controls on the Short course and to Ed Nash 
for getting all 30 controls in only just over the Long time limit. 
Dalton Crags is an area of many contrasts ranging from the exposed open 
land in the north east and the highly runnable central band to the much more 
rugged and rocky terrain in the west, all interspersed with various sections 
of limestone pavement. The very recent forestry work added to the challenges 
and I hope this, and the muddy conditions created by the forestry vehicles 
on some sections of track, didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment of the event too 
My intention was for part 1 of the Long course to be fairly challenging, 
taking either a clockwise or anti-clockwise loop and working out how best to 
pick up the northern controls. I envisaged this being completed in approx 30 
minutes. Ed managed this despite losing some time and several others came 
close. Charlotte took my preferred route (with a nice long downhill finish 
from 108 picking up a couple of controls on the way), but you can judge for 
yourselves which of the different permutations was best (looking at the 
splits there were more than a dozen different selections between the 
northern controls!!). 
The part 2 challenge was different. For those with the energy and time 
left there was to be the temptation of trying to collect all controls. 
Otherwise it was a question of trying to decide which of the many easier 
controls, with no immediately obvious best route, to visit whilst coping 
with the distraction of avoiding a late return. Short course participants 
shared this challenge without the mental and physical effort of part 1. 
I hope you enjoyed the area and the challenges of your course. If you 
have any comments about the event, whether good or bad, please email me at
Finally, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the 
event, especially Martyn and Sue Roome and Chris Roberts for their 
considerable help on the day and beforehand, Alex Finch for a map which I 
marvelled at each time I visited the area, Malcolm Campbell for printing and 
the landowners for allowing us to use this sensitive area. 
Happy New Year,  

Steve McLean

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