SROC Club handicap

Saturday 17th Jan 15

White Coppice. Chorley
Organiser Julian Lailey 01524 845990 or email

2015 SROC Club Handicap & Prize Giving: White Coppice, Brinscall Village , near Chorley.
Saturday,17th January.

Parking: Please park on the roads near to the Brinscall Swimming Baths, with due consideration to local residents. Although there is some parking at the Bath, which is where the Registration and Download vehicle will be, please leave the other bays for the locals using the facilities.

Registration: at the Brinscall Swimming Baths GR 628 213. Registration will open at 12.00. Please gather on the recreation green next to the Baths by 12.45 pm, which is on the edge of the competition area. We will move as a group at 12.50 to the start, about 300 metres with some climb. The mass start will be at 1.00 pm and course closure is at 2.30 pm.

Terrain: Entirely woodland, with plenty of industrial workings, streams, paths and many ruined walls. The latter can generally be crossed without difficulty but there are two new parallel fences near the start/finish which must not be climbed. There are plenty of gaps to use which are shown on the map. Much is lovely and runnable, but there are parts where felling has taken place and where holly has been invasive. Course planning has taken these areas into account as far as possible. As a general guide, give the dark green a miss!
Please be aware that there is a fast-flowing river and two deep lakes bordering the west edge of the competition area, and also a deep lake next to the registration/assembly area. Parents, please be watchful of any young children, especially around assembly. There is also a dangerous deep ravine on the north part of the map. No control site will take you into this area.

Courses: Basically, there is one course, but competitors will enter it at different points depending on their handicap. Thus, the person with the highest handicap will do controls 1 – 24, whilst the one with the lowest will do controls 16 – 24. But all with have the same (mass) start. Dick’s perfect handicap system, finely tuned over the years, will ensure that everyone arrives at the final control together. So, practice your sprint finish. And yes, it’s mostly downhill.

Social and Prize-Giving: This will take place at the Methodist Church Hall, no more than 300m from the Swimming Baths – on School Lane, the main road through the village, GR 624 215 There is parking there, and toilets, so if you don’t mind walking that distance to/from assembly, that might be a good place to park.
Please remember to bring plenty of food to share for the Jacob’s Join.
Julian Lailey (Organiser/Planner) tel 01524 845990

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