Membership Development Officer 


1. Ensure that there are fixtures suitable for newcomers and newer members (through being on Fixtures Working Group)

2. Ensure that other fixtures all have help points/people and are newcomer friendly (by speaking to event organisers)

3. Ensure we have Publicity Material that is suitable for newcomers – both event specific and British Orienteering intro leaflets. Also “next suitable events” leaflets for distribution at Intro events.

4. Be the first point of contact for existing new members and potential members

5. Copy best practice (pinch other clubs good ideas!)

6. Make sure that new members are welcomed at social functions and integrated into the club

7. Make sure that new members are asked to help at events, in teams, so they get to know other club members (and not used on car parking!)

8. Phoning each new member to discover what they want from the club and what they can give


Last Updated : 16.11.08