Lake District November Weekend


LOC Middle Distance, Roanhead Saturday 12th November

SROC Classic Distance, Torver High Common Sunday 13th November


both events part of the UK Orienteering League and selection races for the England team at Interland 2017

Lakeland Orienteering Club and SROC - The Red Rose Orienteers - invite you to a weekend of top quality orienteering in the South Lake District. LOC are hosting a Middle Distance sand dunes event on the Saturday, followed by a Classic Distance event on open fell terrain hosted by SROC. Both events are at level B and form part of the UK Orienteering League.

Pre-entries have closed. There will be limited entry-on-the-day subject to map supply.

For details of day one please refer to the LOC website. 

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Results: Roanhead

Torver course and age class results and splits   RouteGadget  Winsplits Online   Splitsbrowser

Photos: Laurence Johnson

Final Details: Download final details here. (pdf)


On-line entries preferred, via Fabian4. Entries closed at midnight 7th November 2016. There will be limited entry on the day, subject to the availability of maps.

Entry Fees:

Up to and including 17/10/2016: Seniors 11, Juniors 6. 2 surcharge for adult non BOF members.

From 18/10/2016 to 07/11/2016: Seniors 13, Juniors 6. 2 surcharge for adult non BOF members.

After 07/11/2016 EOD only, Seniors 13, Juniors 6. 2 surcharge for adult non BOF members. EOD is subject to maps being available.


SI card hire 1:00 per event. 30.00 charge if lost.



SROC Torver High Common course details

All competitors are free to enter the colour coded course of their choice but the table below shows recommended course/class combinations and anyone wishing to be competitive in the UKOL should choose the appropriate course.


Course No of controls Length Climb Classes
1 Black 26 11.1 km 480 m M21
2 Brown 22 9.6 km 365 m M35 M40
3 Short Brown 21 7.7 km 270 m M18 M20 M45 M50 W21 M21S
4 Blue 16 6.3 km 200 m M16 M55 M60 W35 W40 M35S M40S
5 Short Blue 14 5.3 km 200 m M65 W18 W20 W45 W50 M18S M20S M45S M50S W21S
6 Green 14 4.2 km 190 m M70 W16 W55 W60 M55S M60S W35S W40S
7 Short Green 12 3.5 km 105 m M75 M80 M85 M90 W65 W70 M65S W18S W20S W45S W50S
8 Very Short Green 12 3.0 km 105 m W75 W80 W85 W90 M70S M75S M80S M85S W55S W60S W65S W70S
9 Light Green 11 3.8 km 120 m M14 W14 M16B W16B
10 Orange 13 2.0 km 60 m M12 W12 M14B W14B
11 Yellow 10 1.3 km 25 m M10 W10 M12B W12B


Please note: all course details are subject to final controlling.


There will be a string course located 400 metres from assembly.


Helpers: As at any orienteering event we will need many helpers to make the events run smoothly, performing such tasks as registration, parking, start, finish and download. SROC members who help at the SROC event (day 2) qualify for a 50% discount on entry fees as recognition of their contribution. To volunteer your services, and to get the discount code (needed when entering on-line), please contact the Organiser


Parking/Assembly Fields: Location SD257931. Nearest postcode LA21 8BU. Link to


We have no facilities for large motor homes and they will not be allowed into the parking area. The tracks in the forest are simply not wide enough. There are places to park in Torver village itself  if you can arrange a lift up the hill. (Large means wider than a standard van. e.g. VW California)



Catering provided by Green Canteen, O Nosh and NWJS

CompassPoint Orienteering Shop

Toilets in assembly area.

Dogs: Dogs are allowed in the parking and and assembly areas.  They are not allowed on the courses. 


Terrain: Day 2 terrain is typical complex open Lakeland fell.


Day 2

Organiser: Tony Marlow SROC
Planners: David & Miriam Rosen SROC
Controller: Roger Smith LOC


Last Updated : 13.11.16