Club League 2004

New Process for Calculating Points
Please note that there will be a change in the way that points are calculated in 2004 for the senior classes (including M/W 18 and 20).

The National rankings are calculated on a much more meaningful and realistic basis than I have been using for the League in recent years. Thus, for 2004 I shall use the National calculations (which may be viewed on the BOF website).

Note: 1 Your best five results at the end of the year will count.
2 Your score will be the sum of the best five scores in the National 
rankings divided by 15 (to bring the total roughly in line with
the present number system).
3 Both Long and Short course scores may be included but the Short
Course scores are reduced by 10%.
4 Note that the National Rankings run on a rolling year and I will not 
extract this years results, so your Club League score at any given time will relate to the last 12 months (not simply 2004). The "final" results, which will determine the 2004 Club Champions, will be the results as at 31 December.  Queries to Dick Collins ( tel. 01524 60242, fax 01524 593996, e-mail

Dick Collins

Last Updated : 29.01.04