2004 Handicap and Social

After a quarter of a century the Handicap went back to Arnside Knott. There had been access problems for many years but Alex Finch had sorted these out and had produced a new map of the area. As so often with the Handicap we were lucky with the weather and the parking field, which two days earlier had been under two inches of water, was relatively dry and firm.

Arnside Knott is a public area and from the outset we were concerned that control security might be a problem. For the last couple of years we have used a Norwegian course with a small map at each control giving the location of the next one. Clearly the loss of any control in the sequence would wreck the whole event so we could not risk this on an area where controls might go missing.

Registration on a fantastic January day.  Arnside Knott in the background.

We reverted to a simple score event where the handicapping took the form of requiring different people to find differing numbers of controls. One difference this year is that whilst many competitors claim broken limbs in an attempt to get an easier handicap, it was actually true in the cases of Mary Wheeler and Frances Watkins, the latter hobbling round part of the course on sticks. Alex had put all the controls out before we set up Registration at one o'clock and led the climb up to the Start an hour later. The marker which he had put out to indicate the start triangle had gone, which did not bode well for the rest of the marker kites. I blew the whistle and about 55 people ran off in assorted directions. We set up the Finish and waited.

The Mass Start - "and they're off!"

Alex had provided me with data which I hoped meant that my handicapping would produce a winner in about 30 minutes. At the half hour nobody was in sight but a couple of minutes later three runners appeared in the distance. Quentin Harding was first home, closely followed by Malik Devlin and Becca Roberts. Two of the 21 controls had disappeared. Including these two, Quentin had actually found 22 controls, having additionally found one that Alex had lost when putting them out. For the first time as Handicapper I couldn't be accused of giving the winner too few controls to find ! Eventually everyone made it back and we set off for the Social and Prizegiving at the Village Hall in Silverdale.

As usual there was food and drink, a raffle and a quiz and the various prizes were awarded to the winners of the Galoppen and Club League. The National and Provincial Prize for contributions to the work of the Club went to John Denmark and the overall Women's and Men's trophies were won by Frances and Tim Watkins.

 Sprinting to the finish, whilst others review their performance

Handicap Results : 

1 Quentin Harding 33-24
2 Malik Devlin 33-49
3 Becca Roberts 33-56
4 Paul Roome 34-39
5 David Roome 34-53
6 David Jenkins 36-59
7 Tim Watkins 38-38
8 Katie and Richard Tiley 39-07
9 Dave Kesby 39-09
10 Karen Nash 39-20
11 David Downes 39-25
12 John Denmark 39-50
13 Dave Hargreaves 40-42
14 Sue Denmark 40-43
15 Chris & Sophie Roberts 41-26
16 Rowena Browne 42-31
17 Paul Ferguson 42-33
18 Roy McGregor 42-35
19 Martyn Roome 42-43
20 Alice Byrne 43-41
21 Tony Newton 43-42
22 Sarah Fulwood 43-43
23 Brian Looker 44-13
24 Anni Maskuniitty 44-53
25 Steve Parry 45-02
26 R.Critch/M.Nash 46-50
27 Susan Harding 47-08
28 Ruth Robinson 42-20
29 Jon Carberry 48-06
30 John Taylor 48-09
31 Jo Taylor 50-03
32 Jacob and Sarah Roberts 50-36
33 John Richards 53-13
34 Sarah Watkins 53-55
35 Dawn Lock 54-24
36 Katrin Harding 57-19
37 Mike Ormerod 57-21
38 Phil Gager 54-42
39 Miriam Rosen 58-53
40 3 x Kitching 59-16
41 Peter Edge 61-52
42 Anne Gager 67-52
43 Dorothy Newton 68-59
44 Bill Lock 70-26
45 Moorside Maniacs 87-31
46 Peter Knott 87-3

Dick Collins

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