Compass Sport Cup

14th March 2004
It’s that time of year and we need to start thinking about the Compass Sport Cup. I’d like people to start letting me know if they’d like to come and which course they’d like to run as entries will need to be done through the club rather than individually.

This year’s qualifying round for us takes place at Formby on the 14th March (against WCOC, LOC, DEE and MDOC). For those of you unfamiliar with the competition, it’s a national inter-club competition that takes place each year with qualifying rounds, the top team from each round makes it through to the final. The competition works by people running a colour-coded course according to their sex and age with each course having a specified number of scorers for the club (for those not up to orange standard there will hopefully be a non-competitive white or yellow course). Hopefully, the table below will explain the scoring a bit better (more information about the competition is available at

Course               Eligible Age Classes          Cup Scorers          Cup Scorers
Brown                  Men Open                           3                           At least 1 scorer NOT a M21
Blue Women        Women Open                      2                           At least 1 scorer NOT a W21
Blue Men             M45+ M20-                          4                           At least 2 M50+ scorers
Green Women      W45+ W20-                         3                           At least 2 W50+ scorers
Green Men           M60+                                  2 
Light Green          M/W18-                               2                           At least one W scorer
Orange                M/W14-                               2                           At least one W scorer
                          Total Scorers                       18 

The competition is intended to foster club spirit and thus I’d like to see as many people running as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’ll be a scorer, the more people running a course the better as even if you don’t score, you’ll push other clubs’ scorers further down the points. If you’d like to come but think that transport might be a problem please get in touch and I’ll try and co-ordinate lifts or maybe even hire a minibus..

Sarah Watkins

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